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Herbalist, apothecary tradition and family. Over a hundred years of history, metropolitan flair and sophisticated design. Alba1913 is a Polish skincare brand with exceptional traditions and considerable achievements.

In our store you will discover natural premium cosmetics for face and body care, aromatherapy oils and vegan massage candles in accordance with CLEAN BEAUTY standards.


Your SPA

Fancy a home spa? Does your skin need exfoliation and natural hydration? Recreate a luxurious SPA ritual in your own home. Restore the balance of your body and spirit using Alba1913 natural cosmetics that meet the Clean Beauty standards and are used every day in professional SPA rooms in PURO hotels throughout Poland.

Bestselling natural formulas

Tension Relief Spray

69.00 zł

Galenic Body Wash

90.00 zł

Rich Body Butter

135.00 zł

Galenic Daily Hand Cream

90.00 zł

Galenic Leave-On Mask

290.00 zł


170.00 zł

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All Alba1913 cosmetics have been certified vegan: "suitable for vegans and vegetarians". Our recipes are verified annually by the Viva! Foundation. The list of ingredients can be found on the product page. All Alba1913 cosmetics produced in 2021 and later are vegan.


Alba1913 are natural cosmetics with original textures, captivating fragrances and effective action, manufactured according to Clean Beauty standards, intended for daily face and body skin care. Traditionally used plant extracts and essential oils are combined with modern ingredients of uncontroversial origin and beneficial effects on the human body.