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Herbalist, apothecary tradition and family. Over a hundred years of history, metropolitan flair and sophisticated design. Alba1913 is a Polish skincare brand with exceptional traditions and considerable achievements.

In our store you will discover natural premium cosmetics for face and body care, aromatherapy oils and vegan massage candles in accordance with CLEAN BEAUTY standards.


Your SPA

Fancy a home spa? Does your skin need exfoliation and natural hydration? Recreate a luxurious SPA ritual in your own home. Restore the balance of your body and spirit using Alba1913 natural cosmetics that meet the Clean Beauty standards and are used every day in professional SPA rooms in PURO hotels throughout Poland.

We craft ALBA1913 natural skincare, drawing on a hundred-year-old family apothecary and herbalist tradition.

Family Tradition

In accordance with centuries-old herbalist tradition and the simple philosophy that "Healthy is Beautiful", we cultivate the art of crafting unique family recipes. Since three generations we are devoted to a holistic vision of beauty as the harmony of body and spirit.

Galenic Formulas

By combining the wisdom of natural and folk medicine with over a hundred years of apothecary experience, we create effective recipes based on ingredients that are healthy for the skin. We achieve effectiveness thanks to unique compositions of only the highest quality plant extracts and pure essential oils.

Art and Design

We admire the power of human expression. We work with creators who share a passion for multi-sensory experiences, on various levels, from packaging design to initiating cultural projects.

Apothecary Diligence

We are constantly inspired by the achievements of Chinese medicine and monastic experiences related to the use of herbs. We approach nature with respect, discovering the noble soul of plants in controlled conditions. We appreciate the progress of phytotherapy and innovative cosmetic ingredients that respond to the needs of the skin in the changing world both culturally, and environmentally.

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