Alba1913 Saint Nicholas' Day competition

Regulations of the competition: "Santa Claus" (6.12.2022) ("Regulations") 

1  Competition: The Competition is conducted by the
Organizer in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations.As part of the competition, the Participant who is recognized by the Committee as the winner will receive the Prize.("Competition")
2  Conditions of participation: The Competition is addressed to natural persons of legal age residing in Poland and having an Instagram account ("Participants").
3  Persons unable to participate in the Competition: Employees and associates of the Organizer (and their family members), as well as persons directly or indirectly involved in the organization of the Competition are not entitled to participate in the Competition.Before entering the Contest, the Participant should read these Regulations.The Participant undertakes to comply with the rules set out therein, as well as confirms that he meets all the conditions that entitle him to participate in the Competition.
4  Organiser: The Organizer of the Competition is Alba Thyment Sp.z o.o.aboutconducting business activity (and also as part of this activity running an online store with Alba1913 cosmetics available at with NIP 7820026054 and REGON 632514066 at the address of ul.Szkolna 98, Suchy Las 62-002 ("Organizer").
5  Contact: The Organizer can be contacted via the email address or call +48 618 115 407.
6  Duration of the competition: The competition starts on the 6th.12.2022at 09:00 Polish time and lasts until 12.12.2022until 23:59 Polish time ("Contest Period").There are 6 prizes to be won in the form of: Christmas gift sets in red and white (3 pieces) and green and black (3 pieces) wrappers.Each pack contains the same reward: Overload Spray and Travel Size Body Butter.The results of the Competition will be announced on the 13th.12.2022 at 15.00The winners of the competition will be announced under the competition post in the comment and on instastory. 
7 Fanpage: The Competition is organized on the territory of the Republic of Poland, on the Alba1913 fanpage on Instagram
8  Rules of participation in the Competition: In order to participate in the Competition, during the Competition Period, the Participant must meet the following conditions:
    • 1  The Participant must add a comment under the competition post, in which he will write where in Mikołajki he finds or leaves gifts and tag at least one person in this comment ("Competition Task").
    • 2  The Participant must follow the @alba1913pl profile on Instagram during the Contest Period, as well as at the time of announcing the winners (in accordance with point 6 above) for their entry to be considered.
    • 3  The participant must like the competition post.

9 Selection of the Winner: After the end of the Contest Period, in   if the conditions set out in the Regulations are met, the Organizer will select the Contest Winners through the commission appointed by the Organizer ("Commission").The Committee will consist of a maximum of three members selected by the Organizer, who will ensure the proper organization of the Competition.The Committee will evaluate the submitted Contest Tasks.The Committee will also supervise the performance by the Organizer of all obligations arising from these Regulations.The Commission will be the body examining all complaints submitted by the Participants.The Commission evaluates the conditions of participation in the Competition and the answers to the Competition Task based on the following criteria: (1) originality of the Competition Task; (2) meeting the other requirements of the Competition indicated in the Regulations, in particular in point 2 and point 8.The Committee will evaluate the Competition Tasks sent by the Participants, taking into account the evaluation criteria indicated above, and on this basis will select the 6 most interesting Competition Tasks, which will be awarded the right to the Prize (defined below).The Commission will verify the compliance of the Competition Tasks with the Regulations.If a given competition task does not meet its conditions, the Organizer has the right to exclude it from the Competition. 

10 Rejection of the Competition Task: The works that will be rejected in the Competition: 

  • 1 contain content commonly recognized as offensive, vulgar, inciting hatred or intolerance on any grounds, erotic content, promoting violence;
  • 2 contain content referring in a negative way to gender, age, disability, race, nationality, political beliefs, ethnic origin, denomination, sexual orientation, religion, religious organizations;
  • 3 contain illegal content;
  • 4 contain content that is contrary to commonly recognized
    values ​​protected by law;
  • 5 violating the rights of third parties, in particular:

intellectual property rights, dignity, honor, good 

name, image; 

  • 6 violating good manners;
  • 7 violating the rules of netiquette or any rules regardingcontent posted on Instagram;
  • 8 do not meet other conditions described in these Regulations.

11 Multiple Contest Tasks: During the Contest, a given Participant may submit multiple Contest Tasks, but one Participant may receive a maximum of one Christmas set constituting a Prize.
12  Prizes: The prizes in the competition are 6 Christmas sets in red and white (3 pieces) and green and black (3 pieces) covers.Each pack contains the same reward: Overload Spray and Travel Size Body Butter.("Prize").The winner will be informed about the Prize being won by the Promoter.In order to collect the Prize, the Winner is obliged to send a private message with personal data to the Organizer within 24 hours from the announcement of the Competition results under the contest post in order to transfer the Prize.The winner should provide their names and surnames as well as the correspondence address - unless they agree with the Organizer on a different method of delivering the Prize (requiring other personal data).The Prize won is not exchangeable and there is no cash equivalent for it.If the Prize is not collected by the winner of the Competition within the indicated period, the Commission may decide to transfer the Prize to another Participant who correctly submitted the Competition Task.
13  Personal data: The Organizer (the Organizer's identity and contact details are provided in point 4 and point 5 above) processes the personal data of the Participants (name and surname, nickname on Instagram, personal data provided in the Competition Task, address and contact details necessary for transfer of the Prize) only for the purpose of performing activities necessary for the proper conduct of the Competition, in particular to inform about the win and to issue the Prize.These data are processed by the Organizer on the basis of its legitimate interest (which are the activities indicated above), only for the Contest Period, and then only for the time required by applicable law (in particular tax regulations).The Organizer may entrust the processing of personal data of Competition Participants only to entities that cooperate with it in organizing the Competition and only to the extent necessary for its proper conduct.Other recipients of personal data of participants related to the Competition is Facebook Inc., Instagram Inc.and their related entities, as well as advisers or associates of the Organizer.Participants have the right to access and correct their personal data being processed, rectify, delete, limit processing, as well as object to the processing of personal data by the Organizer.Participants provide personal data on a voluntary basis, while providing personal data is a condition for being able to participate in the Competition.In the event of any irregularities in the processing of Participants' personal data as part of the Competition, Participants may lodge a complaint with the supervisory body, which in Poland is the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection. 
14 Complaint procedure: Each Participant has the right to lodge a complaint to the Organiser's e-mail address provided in point4 above.The complaint must contain the details of the Participant submitting the complaint (name and surname), the date and place of the event to which the complaint relates and the reason for the complaint, the content of the complainant's request and a description of the circumstances justifying the complaint.Complaints should be sent in writing to the Organizer.The person submitting the complaint will be notified of the decision within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint by the Organizer at the latest.
15  Copyright: The Participant represents and warrants that he/she is the only and exclusive person entitled to the Competition Task, and the rights to the Competition Task are not encumbered in favor of third parties.In addition, posting the Competition Task by the Participant in the post in accordance with the Regulations is tantamount to a statement that the Participant is the author of the Competition Task and that he did not in any way infringe copyright or other rights of third parties when creating it.The Organizer reserves the right to obtain the express consent of the Participants, to use and publish the Competition Task having the nature of a work within the meaning of the Act on copyright and related rights posted by the Participants, without any time and territory restrictions on the terms agreed with the Participant.
16  Standard for Instagram Contests I: Meta Platforms, not the creator, administrator or sponsor of the Competition and does not bear any responsibility for the compliance of the Competition with generally applicable law, including any claims of the participants of the Competition.Facebook and Instagram are trademarks registered by Meta. 
17 Standard for Instagram II contests: The Organizer bears full responsibility for the content of the Regulations, the course, implementation and service of the Competition, the issuance of prizes and consideration of any complaints regarding the manner of conducting the Competition.
18  Force majeure: The Organizer is neither responsible nor obliged to perform its obligations under the Regulations, and also reserves the right to cancel, suspend or modify the Competition in the situation:

  • 1 any disruption in the operation of ICT connections, servers, interfaces, browsers and the Instagram service during the Competition.
  • 2 temporary or permanent blocking of the Fanpage (referred to in point 7) by Instagram;
  • 3 technical failures or other factors beyond the reasonable control of the Organizer, affecting the proper conduct of the Competition.
19 Settlement of disputes: Any disputes arising from these Regulations will be considered by the competent common court.
20  Final provisions: By participating in the Competition, the Participant confirms that he/she is aware that the Award is not determined by chance, but by the Participant's action.The Competition is not a game of chance or a mutual bet, the result of which depends on chance (drawing) within the meaning of the Gambling Act.
21 Applicable law: In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply.