What does "galenic" mean?

Galenic indicates the pharmacy craftsmanship of preparing recipes based on pharmaceutical knowledge, including herbal, with plant ingredients in a way that optimizes the absorption of active substances. The name comes from Claudius Galen, a Greek physician in the 2nd century AD, who optimized the recipes for the absorption of active substances. The galenic nature of Alba cosmetics is a guarantee of their effectiveness, it results from being rooted in the herbal tradition, from pharmacy precision in the selection of ingredients, and also from concern for pharmaceutical quality production. 


We are an independent Polish brand. We craft ALBA1913 natural formulations, drawing on a hundred-year-old family apothecary and herbalist tradition. In our store you will discover natural premium products for face and body care, aromatherapy oils and massage candles.


Alba1913 skincare products have been certified vegan: "suitable for vegans and vegetarians". Our formulas are verified annually by the Viva! Foundation. The list of ingredients can be found on each product page. All Alba1913 skincare produced since 2021 are 100% vegan.


Alba1913 are natural skincare products with original textures, captivating scents and proven efficacy, manufactured according to Clean Beauty standards, intended for daily face and body care. Traditionally used plant actives and essential oils are combined with modern ingredients of uncontroversial origin and beneficial effects for the human body.