Aromatherapy workshops in Warsaw 30-03 Thursday, 6 pm

180.00 zł
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The Alba1913 aromatherapy workshop at Elektrownia Powiśle in Warsaw is a great way to stimulate your senses in spring: time for you, time spent with a friend, good time!

We invite you to an intimate, phenomenally fragrant, relaxing and inspiring meeting with the Alba1913 brand in Elektrownia Powiśle in Warsaw.

30 March 2023 (Thursday), at 18:00

Elektrownia Powiśle +2, Beauty Hall

The workshop is conducted by: Iuliia Pavlenko

During the workshops, you will explore the secrets of creating natural oil compositions, learn more about the plants that scent cosmetics, the process of creating a fragrance and the properties of real essential oils.

We meet inside our boutique on the 2nd floor of Elektrownia Powiśle (the so-called Beauty Hall) in Warsaw.

For more information, call: +48 601 789 394

Elektrownia Powiśleis a place where customers find unique fashion brands, pop-up and concept stores that have never been seen before in Poland, restaurants serving cuisine from many places around the world and the first innovative Beauty Hall concept in Poland. They can also experience unforgettable emotions and impressions during numerous events organized in the area of ​​the Power Plant.

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Workshops are a form of learning the technique of creating fragrance compositions from scratch and using simple recipes using essential oils, i.e. focusing our senses on plants.

We smell spices and herbs, and then - inspired by contact with Nature - we compose our own blends of essential oils.


The meeting takes place in an intimate group in a comfortable and intriguing space - the renovated Powible Power Plant at ul. Dobra 42.

We invite you there!