MYSIA3: The Future Starts Now, Press Day 21-10-21


The future starts now, which is why Alba®1913 focuses on…


1. Eco-packaging

We are changing the packaging of all cosmetics and essential oils to more environmentally friendly ones. The line of natural cosmetics Alba®1913 was created in 2013 based on the traditional recipes of Mieczysław Rychlicki - the grandfather of the current president, Łukasz Rychlicki. The design of the Alba1913 brand refers to the style of the early 20th century. From the beginning, move away from ornaments typical of the world of cosmetics, and return to the former simplicity, because the packaging of the pre-war Alba was typographic designs, mostly without illustrations, based on the language of specifics. The main goal of the current redesign is to use as many recyclates as possible and materials that can be recycled infinitely many times (glass and aluminum).We try to eliminate unnecessary packaging elements, e.g.cartons for large products, extra leaflets in cartons and non-recyclable multi-material elements. On Press Day we present m.othersnew rPET bottles (from January 2022 in PURO hotels all over Poland) and cardboard boxes made of recycled paper (small-sized products, usually less than 100 ml or 100 g). Our gift bags and even workshop prints are made of uncoated recycled paper!


2. Natural and vegan ingredients 

We select the highest quality plant ingredients for production. We gave up the use of nourishing beeswax this year, without impoverishing the properties of our iconic products such asgalenic creams for hands or feet (the premiere of a new garment and recipe at the turn of November and December 2021), and finding plant substitutes for the raw material (rice wax, Japanese blueberry wax, strong damarzyka wax, squalane). All Alba1913 recipes are fully vegan from this year, certified by the Viva Foundation!


3. Solar energy and raw material saving

For us, being eco involves packaging, raw materials, water consumption, deforestation and CO2 emissions. We invested in photovoltaic panels, which were installed this summer on the roof of the office and warehouse space of our headquarters in Suchy Las near Poznań. Thanks to this, Alba®1913 is now powered by the Sun! We are counting on beautiful days this autumn, and preliminary estimates allow us to forecast that as much as 85% of the energy we will consume during the year will come from this source.

In addition, we run end-of-series sales in our official sales channels to prevent product from going to waste. In the special Less Waste tab on www.alba1913.en you can buy cosmetics discounted from 30 to 70% in their last 6 months of use.

Moreover, some Alba®1913 recipes do not contain water in the composition. It will also not be in the new line, the debut of which is made conditional on the start of the grant granted to us for the introduction of new products to the American market. We make sure that the remains of some cosmetics that end up in the sewage system (because they require washing and rinsing) are easily biodegradable.


4. Sensitivity and friendship

We constantly believe in good design and art as well as long-term relationships. Alba®1913 is delighted and delighted to support the career of exceptional pianist Georgijs Osokins and the work of the Julian Cochran Foundation. 

On the Polish market, we present the fragrances of our friend, an American entrepreneur Ron Robinson, who, after 40 years of running a business in California, decided to transfer the image of the Los Angeles experience to perfume bottles and diffusers under the Apothia Los Angeles brand.

In the boutique on Mysia3, we will also introduce several products from our sister brand ARGOL™, which we have been successfully exporting to Japan for several months. These are water-free, vegan recipes based on an innovative natural petroleum jelly substitute and essential oils, without the addition of water.


5. Celebrations of moments and rituals

A novelty in the autumn-winter season is the composition of essential oils with a leading note of pine and a warm accent of cinnamon.We encourage you to try Cleansing Essential Oils (no.21 Purifying Essential Oil) Alby®1913 for aromatherapy or sauna.On the other hand, we suggest to decorate the evening or maybe even the Halloween weekend with a sweet ... sugar scrub and instead of "Trick or treat" put on "Treat yourself!".

During Press Day, we invite you to aromatherapy workshops, which we also run in PURO hotels until the end of the year. Prisma SPA operates in this chain, performing treatments on our natural cosmetics on a daily basis. We encourage you to find out about their effectiveness and beneficial effects on your own skin!