ALBA1913 Slow Space by PUMA care partner

Abundance, awakening, harmony and minimalism - sounds like a wish list? We will accompany each of these experiences and build and develop them together with you as a care partner of Slow Space by PUMA in Krakow from May 8!

The project was created with the intention to follow ideas of quality in self-care on many levels. The spring edition will start on May 8 and will last until June 4. We will meet in Krakow at 1 Solna Street (Bohaterow Getta Square). For four consecutive weeks, we will meet for workshops, individual consultations with specialists, yoga and Pilates classes, functional training and open days.  

Slow Space by PUMA is an initiative of Ola Kwiatkowska, creator of the Slow Living Poland project , in collaboration with the PUMA brand. Spring meetings in Krakow's slow space are a great opportunity to explore topics related to harmony, balance and, above all, to take care of yourself holistically.  

Classes each week will be dedicated to such taglines as: "abundance", "awakening", harmony" and "minimalism".  Spring is a time of balance and peace. This will be the theme during the whole month of May at Slow Space by PUMA. Inspiring and unhurried with top experts, trainers and yoga teachers. The yoga section is managed by: Magda Janik, Maria Prokop, Ola Kwiatkowska, Paulina Kołodziejska and Agnieszka Ochałek. There will also be Pilates classes with Angelika Mirek and Dagmara Syprzak and stability & mobility training with Paulina Jopek. Tuesdays and Thursdays are days dedicated to individual meetings with specialists: dietitian - Ania Reguła, physiotherapist - Kasia Radochońska, reflexologist - Karolina Tkacz (Przestrzeń Holistyka) and with an Ayurvedic consultant - Maria Pronobis.  

Weekends will be marked by workshops led by: psychologist - Marta Niedźwiecka, psychotherapist - Ania Cylinska, product and space designer - dr Joanna Jurga, beauty coach - Aleksandra Knaflewska (About Beauty), teacher yoga and breathing - Maria Prokop and chef - Dominika Wójcik. Weekends also include 2 open days (May 13 and 27), which will be a great opportunity to visit the zone and join lectures on the topics of abundance and harmony, which will be conducted by Marta Niedźwiecka and Ania Cylinska.  

In Slow Space by PUMA you can also expect trainings from the series: "If not NAŁ, then when?"  of the Nałęczowianka brand, which joined the project as a partner from the FMCG segment. The four meetings will be led by two teachers: Iga Majewska (Warsaw Pilates), responsible for Pilates, and Ola Kwiatkowska, a yoga practitioner. The classes will be aimed at building and emphasizing in the body: activity, vitality, strength and resistance.

Alba1913 became the skincare partner of the spring edition. In the space, you will be able to get acquainted with harmonious scent creations resulting  from the brand's formulas, which stem from apothecary diligence and family herbal traditions. The program will also include Aromatherapy Workshop - masterclass, led by Łukasz Rychlicki.  

The space will be open from May 8 to June 4 at 1 Solna Street (Plac Bohaterów Getta). Participation in the classes will be available to anyone who registers via the form available on the website www. slow space by puma. pl. The condition for admission is the payment of a symbolic amount of PLN 20. The proceeds will support the activities of the local Foundation "Autonomia".  

The first batch of tickets will be available on the website on April 28. If you want to be up to date with the topic, it is worth following the social media channels of experts and trainers as well as Slow Living Poland. More information about the project and the registration form will be available at: www. slow space by puma. pl.  

Reach for the energy of spring and meet us in Krakow during the second edition of SLOW SPACE by PUMA.