We celebrate spring!


How about a spring awakening of the senses? There are several events in the Alba® calendar that you may like! These include Aromatherapy Workshops in Warsaw and the "Pretty Things" Fair and the Ekocuda Natural Cosmetics Fair in Poznań! If, like us, you love nature and holistic care, we must meet! 

Aromatherapy Workshops, March 30 and April 27 (Thursdays), 6 p.m. ,
Warsaw, Alba1913 boutique in Elektrownia Powiśle

What does spring smell like? You tell us at the Aromatherapy Workshop, during which you will not only explore the secrets of creating oil compositions, but also create your own unique fragrance. An hour-long meeting in an intimate group begins with a few anecdotes from the history of our 110-year-old family business, learning about the properties and uses of essential oils and the basics of creating oil compositions. We believe that theory must be followed by practice, which is why during the workshops you will smell and see our favorite herbs and plants, essential oils are obtained from them, you will distinguish natural fragrances from synthetic ones and you will use valuable raw materials to return home with your own oil for aromatherapy care!

The Pretty Things Fair, April 1-2, 11-19 p.m.
Expo XXI, ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14

Do you like to see beautiful things? At the Fair of Pretty Things, you stare at such objects from the moment you enter. Beautiful, original design, art and cosmetics, all Made in Poland! You will find our stand in the Wellness area. TRŁ is a great opportunity to refresh your cosmetic bag in the spring, choose a gift from a hare or a super cosmetic for May 2023. You can with a dog!

Ekocuda, Natural Cosmetics Fair, April 15-16, 11-11 18
Poznań, Concordia Design, ul. Zwierzyniecka 3

We are from Poznań and we are eco, which is why we decided to appear at the Ekocuda fair in Concordia Design in Poznań this spring. If you love nature and holistic care, we must get to know each other better! We invite all Poznań residents for a spring walk around the city center and shopping from local brands.