Body butter and (not) all its uses

Do you like multifunctional cosmetics? They take up less space in the bathroom and travel cosmetic bag, and they are eco-friendly. Yes, multifunctional cosmetics = less packaging. One of such cosmetics is our Nourishing Body Butter (Alba1913 Rich Body Butter). This is a recipe with many advantages and many uses!

After unscrewing the aluminum jar, you will see a thick and solid consistency, for which the main ingredient, i.e. shea butter, is responsible. But beware! Don't be fooled by appearances! It is enough to spread a small amount on the skin and after a few seconds the formula turns into a liquid oil. In this way, you will get a nourishing body lotion, perfect for applying after a bath. But it is not everything! What else can you use it for?

Discover the uses of our Nourishing Body Butter discovered so far:

  • self-massage oil - butter warmed up in your hands until it begs for a slow and sensitive massage, we recommend dry brushing the body before the ritual to additionally increase lymph flow and help firm the body,
  • or if you prefer to massage in pair - this can be a weekend ritual of Osiebiedbania! After all, who can rub their own back?
  • natural mosquito repellent - thanks to the essential oils of lemon balm and lavender contained in it, in the summer, apply a thin layer of the cosmetic to places exposed to bites (our travel size butter will help you travel),
  • aromatherapeutic experience - the secret ingredient of all our body cosmetics are natural essential oils. In the butter, the first oil you will feel is the fresh aroma of lemon balm, followed by the relaxing herbal scent of lavender. We guarantee that this fragrance will lift your mood!
  • bath oil - you can add a tablespoon of butter to a warm tub of water for an aromatherapeutic and moisturizing bath. Ps. This way to relax was discovered by faithful Albowiczka!
  • firming therapy - studies show that our butter helps to deal with skin flaccidity and unevenness, thanks to the centella extract contained in it, which firms the skin and increases collagen production,
  • glow effect - make-up artists friends with us use butter as a "shine agent" on the skin of models during photo sessions. A thin layer reflects the light and makes the skin look healthy and appetizing. You don't have to be at a photo shoot to try this effect! By applying butter on your legs and arms in the summer, your skin will shine like on vacation in St.Tropez,
  • jewelry box - aluminum unscrewed packaging can be reused, for example to hold jewelry, hair elastics or ... screws!

One butter, many possibilities. Be sure to let us know by writing to when you find a new use for it!