The Amber Guide

Have you ever found amber on the beach? If so, you are truly lucky! The jewel of the Baltic Sea, because this is how this one precious stone of plant origin is often referred to, today you will rarely encounter it while walking along the waterfront. In the capital of amber, Gdańsk, you will find it in galleries and stalls selling jewelry, in the museum, but also ...  in the unique Alba1913 cosmetic.

The term Baltic Gold, another popular name for amber, comes from the honey structure of the stone.The Greeks believed that this hardened resin of coniferous trees is the tears of the daughters of the sun god Helios, Chinese recognized it as the fourth attribute of Buddha and to this day praise the healing properties of amber. The Slavs referred to amber as "jantar" and used it to make amulets, believing that it improves the well-being of the person who wears such an amulet.

We recommend three places in Gdańsk that will show the beauty and versatile use of amber:

Museum of Amber in Gdańsk

-The real gem is undoubtedly the newly opened Amber Museum (ul.Great Mills 16). A walk through the three floors of the spiral gallery will take you about an hour (and probably even longer if you are enchanted by amber!). The circular corridors show history from the very beginning. They move back 40 million years, when the areas of today's Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea were covered with amber forests (composed of various species of coniferous trees, including pines). They lead through a gallery with natural forms of stones extracted from the Baltic Sea to the manifestations of their presence in art. Amber inspired the creation of religious objects as well as caskets, cabinets, chessboards and the already mentioned jewelry!

Mariacka Street in Gdańsk

-Gdańsk has been known for years for numerous manufactories creating artistic amber jewelery and exporting it all over the world. In search of precious trinkets, go to Amber Fifth Avenue, i.e. Mariacka, Długa and Długie Pobrzeże streets. 

Prisma SPA in PURO Gdańsk

-Saturated with amber knowledge, be sure to discover the beauty properties of amber in the Prisma SPA in the Puro Hotel (ul.Stągiewna 26). During facial treatments, our "Velvety Polisher" mechanical peeling is used there. The main component of its "sandy" structure is amber dust! It is nothing more than a very finely ground Baltic gem. Why him? While working on the formula of the cosmetic, we wanted its composition to be as natural and environmentally friendly as possible. Amber, like pearls and corals, belongs to the group of organic gems. Interestingly, it is also a natural, plant exfoliating agent. It turns out that camber particles are always slightly rounded, which makes them subtly exfoliate the epidermis on the face, but do not cause micro-injuries! This feature of amber was the most important for us - we wanted the exfoliation using "Velvety Polisher" to be as comfortable as possible and suitable even for sensitive skin.

Each amber stone formed millions of years ago impresses with its beauty.The Alba1913 cosmetic is designed to nurture your beauty.

The fact that in the mechanical peeling we "hid" the treasure of the Baltic Sea is evidenced by one more feature, which is revealed already at the first unscrewing of the glass jar - the natural smell of pine resin, which is characterized only by a real Baltic jewel.

And when amber is still low, there is only one option - at the SPA reception, ask for a glass jar with amber dust and take it home!