Holidays 2022. We like this state very much.

Today we want to remind you what it's like to run longingly to the shore and get your feet in wild water. Shake the sand off the towel, pick up a warm stone. Stick your nose to the sun. What it's like to lie down on the water, stretch lazily and soak up the relaxation in slow motion. And what? Will you be persuaded? 

This may be the first summer without many restrictions in a long time. We would like to take you on a spontaneous journey during which you will feel good and calm. We would like to laze around together, dream, and maybe forget a bit. You have a sea of ​​possibilities, and you don't need anything. It's a vacation. We like this state very much.

krem na zmęczone nogi

Holidays are a state of mind that you enter slowly from the very first moment you start planning them. Your body and mind deserve rest as well as good cosmetics. Cool cosmetics for holidays  you will find in this statement.

Vacation cosmetic bag Alba1913

Sometimes it cools, sometimes it tingles. In Overload Spray Alby you can really fall in love. We affectionately call it a "pocket masseur", because when applied to the back of the neck, it gives a pleasant cooling sensation, followed by relaxing warmth, additionally it has a comfortable herbal scent. You will spend your vacation with him and you will find out that this can be true love.

The list of holiday cosmetics doesn't have to be long.

Should be qualitative. A holiday beautician is both beauty products and koideliks. Heavy legs after walking will be relaxed by chestnut cream, tense facial skin will be soothed by a moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid or an alcohol-free face tonic with soothing panthenol. Our list of unisex cosmetics for the summer for minimalists is:

 Miejskie Serum do Twarzy

Dolce far niente - what does mean to you?

Of course, holidays are for experiencing sweet idleness. But who said that nice loafing has to mean doing nothing? Perhaps it would be worth enjoying the moment to enrich it with a nice accent. Feel the pleasant coolness of the moisturizing face mask Alba1913, refresh your skin with our scrub, and maybe even decide for a face massage oil? Do as much as you can to make the well-being of body and spirit really happen.

creation, production, photos: MadeIt Management

model: Alicja Ewertowska @aewertowska