Your favorite face mask?

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, your skin also needs warm and cozy layers. In fall, products with mild, moisturizing formulas help prevent dryness caused by both indoor and outdoor air. Wrap your skin with a quality face mask and let it feel comfortable despite the changing weather.

The masks are designed to provide the skin with high concentrations of active ingredients. So you use them when your skin clearly needs it. 

Our Galenic Mask is a very versatile cosmetic. Reach for it when you receive alerts related to:

  • discoloration, uneven coloring
  • dehydration and skin tightness
  • lack of firmness and poor elasticity
  • signs of stress and fatigue
  • skin imperfections and irritations.

The mask can be used day or night, depending on when you can devote an additional 15 minutes to care. 

Using is very simple. You apply a mask to cleansed skin, and after a quadrant, remove the excess that has not been absorbed with a cotton pad, a pad or a face towel. That's it!

Until the end of October, when buying a mask, you will receive a small Rescue Facial Oil as a gift. Check out the bioretinol kit!