New Alba1913 packaging

Alba1913 makes packaging more environmentally friendly. After several years of presence on the market, our brand changes the proportions of packaging raw materials, focusing on materials with recyclate in the first place, and limiting plastic in favor of glass and aluminum. The graphic design of all cosmetics will be gradually refreshed. As part of our pro-environmental activities this year, our brand also wants to veganize all recipes, replacing beeswax with plant-based equivalents.


-Repackaging is a task we have been working on for a very long time, collecting reliable data on the origin of packaging raw materials and their recyclability and biodegradability. The properties of packaging raw materials also mean the risk of reaction with individual recipes, and therefore the durability of cosmetics and the safety of their use. Of course, the regulations and realities regarding the system of selective waste collection in our main markets, i.e. the European Union and the United States, are also important - explains Łukasz Rychlicki, Alba's CEO.


The packaging of Rescue Night Oil with bioretinol was the first to be completely changed, now packed in a recycled cardboard box and a dark glass bottle. -We decided that we are primarily looking for packaging made of recycled materials or easily and preferably infinitely recyclable materials, and we try to avoid reducing their chances of recovery on the one hand, thanks to the hard work of a talented designer, Honorata Poznańska, on the other hand thanks to the high level of design - explains Łukasz Rychlicki.


These are the first visible steps in a direction that we will be implementing over the coming months, also changing some bottles and jars. Individual elements of the existing packaging will be replaced smoothly by the new ones. We want to reduce the amount of plastics used in favor of infinitely recyclable raw materials: glass and aluminum. 


In addition to a sustainable packaging policy, our brand also pays attention to the lack of water in the recipe and vegan ingredients. Currently, Alba1913 produces only vegan formulas. In some body cosmetics, this year we are introducing a vegetable substitute for beeswax. In addition, Rescue Night Oil is an anhydrous formula. Water resources and the environmental costs of transporting it from place to place are more and more often raised in the discussion about the future of the planet. Of course, some types of cosmetics require the addition of water, but many of our skin's needs can be met with more traditional specifics, such as face oil, body butter or massage candles.