3 reasons to do a face scrub

If you are wondering whether it is worth using a face scrub, it means that a cosmetic ideal has not yet appeared on your care path. In an ideal world, exfoliation of dead skin cells is a regular procedure. Specifically, one that you do 2-3 times a week. Why skipping this step in care is not profitable for your skin or your cosmetic budget?

keratinized epidermis is formed every day

Keratinization (the process named after the protein responsible for the protection and elasticity of the skin) is otherwise keratosis. This natural phenomenon occurs in the largest of the human organs - the skin. New cells are formed and older cells die. It would be perfect if it didn't lead to dry elbows, rough knees or hard heels. On the face, the accumulation of keratinized epidermis results in a complexion described as tired, grey, dull. But take it easy! You can support your skin to keep it looking healthy every day. Exfoliation of the epidermis promotes the absorption of beneficial substances from creams, masks and cheeses, i.e. it helps to take full advantage of the effects of cosmetics used after exfoliation.

using the peeling regularly, you will increase skin hydration…

Alba1913 face scrubs have passed not only standard dermatological tests. We checked the effect of mechanical and enzymatic peeling during application tests, i.e. those during which a group of people introduces a new cosmetic to their care ritual, while giving up products with a similar effect that they used before. In addition to the survey, we also checked under the microscope how the use of our scrubs affected skin hydration. In the case of enzymatic peeling, skin hydration after 4 weeks increased by 15.7%, and in the case of mechanical peeling - 27.3%!

… and you will also reduce the appearance of pores

The use of our scrubs also gives a fantastic effect when it comes to reducing the visibility of pores. Mechanical peeling reduced their visibility by 11.4%, and enzymatic peeling – by as much as 15.8%. After four weeks of regular use, 96% of people expressed a desire to regularly use mechanical peeling in the future due to the effectiveness in terms of the declared effect. In the case of enzymatic peeling, it was the entire study group.