Alba1913 in the Powiśle Power Plant

Alba1913 transfers active substances known from noble pharmacy and herbal products to sophisticated cosmetic formulas. The knowledge and experience of several generations interested in the healing power of plants results in inspiring, original discoveries. Traditionally used plant extracts and essential oils are combined with modern ingredients of uncontroversial origin and beneficial effect on the human body. Alba1913 are luxurious cosmetics with original textures, captivating fragrances and effective action, manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards, intended for daily face and body skin care. Most Alba1913 recipes have been certified for vegan cosmetics: "suitable for vegans and vegetarians".

"We're romantics at heart. We choose bold, original development projects for the natural cosmetics brand Alba1913 when we feel that they are accompanied by similar values ​​and emotions. What we share with Elektrownia Powiśle is respect for tradition, interest in good design, the joy of living in the city and concern for the quality of this life. Co-creation of the first Beauty Hall in Poland is certainly a great honor and challenge” - says Łukasz Rychlicki, CEO, Alba Thyment.

We invite you to a new space in Warsaw. We have just launched the sale of Alba1913 cosmetics in the Beauty Hall in the historic building of Elektrownia Powiśle.

“The innovativeness of the Beauty Hall space results primarily from a properly selected, comprehensive offer of services in the beauty and wellness sector, located under one roof. All this to provide the customers of Elektrownia Powiśle with the best possible selection of services, tailored to their needs, which they can use at any time - while shopping, during a lunch break or in the spirit of the extremely popular self-care day trend, i.e. minor treatments and pleasures that improve health, appearance, but also well-being. The Alba1913 brand store is a response to the needs of modern customers, especially those who choose natural, plant-based products in their daily care, prepared with great passion and respect for tradition passed down from generation to generation" - adds   Dariusz Domański, Associate Partner , Development and Leasing Director, White Star Real Estate. source

Elektrownia Powiśle is a place where customers find unique fashion brands, pop-up and concept stores that have never been seen before in Poland, restaurants serving cuisine from many corners of the world and the first innovative Beauty concept in Poland Hall. They can also experience unforgettable emotions and impressions during numerous events organized in the space of Elektrownia.
Interior design Alba1913: Front Architects